Technology and Religion of the Lost World


Genesis 4:22 -“Tubalcain, an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron…”

Newerth technology was, in many ways, far more advanced than that of the modern age. Due to critical and radical changes in the planets atmosphere, lithosphere and magnetosphere, many of the artifice so common before the cataclysm cannot be duplicated, or even conceived of, today.

For instance, the substance then known as bdellium (now the inert metal copper) was prized for its properties. Easily refined and highly malleable, bdellium reacted naturally with earth’s once powerful magnetic field to produce energy distortions that shimmered and defied gravity. Bdellium dynamos were common engines, which generated fields of varying strength lifting vehicles and, in some cases, whole buildings off the ground!

Due to differences in air density, pressure and atmospheric gases, magnetism, filtered cosmic radiations and unreduced geologic radioactivity and pressures many metals, crystals and reactive substances like acids and halogens behaved very different than they do today. A common crystal know at the time as ultima, now called quartz, was harnessed for its properties when exposed to light and electricity.

Ultima crystals as much as six feet tall crowned temples, palaces and towers pulsing out communication codes and transmitting sound and even visual signals all over the world. When placed within a bdellium field, ultima crystals could be tuned to focus light beams so powerful they could burn through stone and incinerate living flesh!

The inhabitants of the wild and lawless earth used these mighty and ingenious technologies indeed to rain down violence upon themselves and wrought, with much sorrow, the beginnings of destruction that would prove to be a long legacy of ingenious cruelty accredited to mankind. For those who lived in the 2nd age, much as it is today, technology was as much a wonder as it was a horror. Countless other elements were applied to ingenious mechanical devices that defy modern logic and appear, to an observer from todays comparatively alien world, to be pure magic.

Bdellium dynamo

The Bdellium Dynamo

The dynamo is the cornerstone of many critical Newerth technologies. Invented originally by the great artificer, Tubal Cain, it harnesses the strange electromagnetic properties of the element bdellium (now known as the inert metal copper). In one fashion or another, a dynamo is composed of bands or wires of the metal held in a tension coil by an adjustable mechanical device called a restrainer.

The properties of the metal itself when fashioned this way create a small electric current. At the center of the coil, depending on the application of the dynamo, extreme magnetic distortions are focused and supercharged by a device called an igniter. Usually consisting of a central conductor connected in some way to the inside of the bdellium coil and surrounded by an insulator of fired clay or crystal, the igniter fires a controlled chain reaction from the dynamo. A distortion field is generated,

- the shape of which is determined by the orientation of the coil,

- the strength of which is regulated by the tension of the restrainer and

- the effect of which is fashioned by the type of igniter used.

Bdellium dynamos can create small gravitational fields or eliminate them altogether. They are used to focus energy emissions from other elements across large distances and have been employed in every industry from communications to weapon systems. They are built from abundant materials, are simple in operation and clean and silent in function.

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Technology and Religion of the Lost World

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