The World That Was

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All common myth has its roots in a common truth. In the dim memories of mankind lie the strange and supernatural beings of the antidiluvian world. These memories survived the cataclysm and evolved over time to become the legendary monsters and curiosities of our various cultures around the world.

To the Chinese, there is the lucky dragon. To the Europeans, the fearsome dragon. To the Cherokee, there is the thunderbird. To the Navajo, the skinwalker. To the Greek, there is the minotaur. To the Egyptian, the phoenix. And to the Hindus and Buddhists, there is the naga.

In the terrestrial environment of the Lost World, many kinds, or species, of animal created in the beginning thrived which could not survive for long after the cataclysm. Of the strange denizens of the Earth at the time, even stranger goings on supernaturally twisted them into hybrids- distortions of what they were created to be. As the centuries wore on, these perversions of nature began to fill the Earth and, for the most part, made life challenging and dangerous for the human population of the time.

But the humans of the Lost World were not the primitives that we would presuppose according to our modern fairy tales. The generations of man during the 2nd age spanned the centuries and the average lifespan was well over 400 years. The thick, oxygenated atmosphere pressed down on the metabolisms of the day, enriching the blood and lending superhuman strength and endurance by todays standard. Even the plant life of the world flourished under the greenhouse conditions and grew to enormous size. All of creation was equipped to withstand the strongest and most massive creatures of them all.

Many of the creatures of the time never seized to grow during their long years, just as they still do today. After all, the word ‘dinosaur’ did not exist until 1842. Nonetheless we remember these animals and have been digging up their bones for thousands of years. What did we call them before they were known as dinosaurs? From all over the world come stories and paintings and sculptures depicting these giant, lizard-like creatures inhabiting land, sea and air. They did not exist before man and they never ‘dominated the earth’, as our modern fairy tales tell us. From the beginning, man was given dominion over the Earth and all that was in it.

These were the dragons of legend…

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