The Villains

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The Lobreds

The great experiment had begun. Like children playing with the ultimate chemistry set, the ingenious rebel forces from heaven had turned, fallen from grace, to alter their Creators beloved and crowning achievement- man. With venomous pride and specific intent, the angelic beings each took to their own gifts and leadings to build for themselves an empire.

There is only one Creator. From nothing at all the universe was formed and organized by the ultimate Mind. The ultimate Law Giver. After the great rebellion in heaven, those who were cast out began to experiment with their newfound life apart from those laws.

The watchers, as they were called, sought to make a name for themselves equal to the Creator and set about with vain imagination to forge a creation of their own. In their tampering, new forms of life began to emerge, some glorious, others loathsome, but all the product of hate and reckless ambition.

At the most basic levels of life, the fallen ones twisted the blueprints and building blocks of nearly every creature in the Lost World resulting often in terrible mutations which the peoples of the Earth called lobreds. These were gasping, gurgling, shambling writhing abominations which were hunted on sight and so, if they survived, fled to the mountains, swamps, caves and forests where they waited, breeding and plotting venom on mankind with whatever mind they had.

Hibred minotaur

The Hibreds

While most of the tampering and experimentation wrought on creation by the watchers resulted in monstrous wretches and death, sometimes they got it right. Mainly from the pure breeding of humans with these invasive spirit creatures who could manifest physical form at will ( and still can to this day), super beings were birthed into this world.

Most of them were aware of their past and parentage and were hunted and shunned alike as the lobreds. Some were born with human strength and spirit, but with animal traits of various kinds and gave rise to many of the anthropomorphic creatures of legend. Some were physical giants who were as all others but for their size. The lucky ones were born physically normal in every respect, protected and encouraged by wise parents who ere seduced unwittingly. These were possessed of some kind of awesome strength. Demigods who were imbued by their otherworldly heritage.

Whatever the story, the hibreds made a name for themselves in the Lost World. It was their birthright. Some rose up with power and vengeance, full of darkness and wrath, and gave birth to the dark and false gods of antiquity. Some became the the hero’s of legend, protecting the innocent and serving the one true God.

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The Villains

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