The Mighty Men of Old

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Although Newerth is filled with violence, man is able still to choose freely between good and evil. Players will assume responsibility for a hero in the story. They will devise his strengths and weaknesses, explains his actions and speaks his words as the story unfolds. Since evil is never profitable for long and always self-destructive, the players are assumed to make good decisions on the characters behalf, to protect the weak and stand for what is right. A hero is a semi-supernatural human whose mother or father was a spirit being. Players may invent any reasonable background story to make their hero more believable and start by creating a record of the Heros gifting, belongings, name and extraordinary prowess of strength, speed, intellect and wisdom.

At right is the basic layout for a Heros record, called the record scroll, and includes every piece of information a player needs to know his hero’s strength, capabilities and limitations. Throughout the story, a hero will grow in strength, gain new abilities, spend his money, find new items and probably become wounded. It is the players’ responsibility to always be aware of his Heros status and update his record as the story unfolds. A record scroll may only be created and modified in the presence of the Lead Player.

It is the nature of a main character in any tale to be dynamic – meaning that they will become more by the end than they were when they were introduced. The players will see a boy become a mighty warrior, an outcast be crowned king, an outlaw redeem himself or any other transformation the players can weave from the stuff of legend.

The Genesis of a Hero

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The Mighty Men of Old

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