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Dark angel

In Genesis 6:4 we see a cryptic glimpse into the world that was. The word translated ‘giants’ or ‘nephalim’ is the hebrew word ‘nephash’ meaning ‘earth born’ (a word meant to convey the difference between these beings and the usual being that is ‘born on the Earth’). The end of the word ‘im’ is simply a plural in the language like adding an ‘es’ in english.

So what was on the Earth in those days? Many mighty beings born on the Earth who were unlike the usual beings that were native. They were mighty in deeds at least (Genesis 6:4), if not mighty in stature. They arose when the ‘sons of God’, the benai Elohim in the original Hebrew (used in every other biblical instance to describe the angels) came down to the earth to do something that was not part of there boundary (Oiketerion in the greek according to Jude 1:6). They were born of an unlawful union between humans (females typically) and ancient, powerful beings, which we call angels, that traveled from another realm (which we call heaven) in order to do rebel.

These hybrids which began to stain the pure bloodline of the human race, were the primary reason behind the cataclysm that ended the 2nd age. Born not of their own will, however, each one of them had a choice in life to serve the One True God and his purposes, or to serve themselves and the great rebellion which was well under way.

At the center of all great stories are the men and women who face the troubles, feel the hurt and the triumph, overcome the hardships and grow through the adventure. Its through their eyes that we get chance to experience their world. The tales of adventure, discovery, war and tragedy before the cataclysm are too many to number. Nearly two thousand years of human history has been nearly lost beneath terrible flood waters and the crushing, preservative layers of the Earth.

So whose story do we want to tell? Amidst all the wickedness and rebellion, where can we find the righteous, the noble, the selfless doers of good who serve the one true God and set themselves against all that would try to vault itself above Him? Better yet, what kind of hero can we follow whose stature and prowess in battle was mighty enough to stand against the onslaught of supernatural forces unleashed upon mankind? How does a hero appear who can wrestle a dinosaur to the ground, tame giant predatory beasts, ride on the back of a dragon or summon angelic warriors to fight on their behalf?

The Lost World, as a gaming system, is designed from the inside out to follow the stories of men and women who were born out of rebellion but felt called to obedience. Who sought to resist the tide of darkness that rose around the kingdoms of the Earth and protect the weak and innocent from harm. These were the mighty ones of old spoken of in legend and song until the close of the age and all was buried under water and mud, lost forever to a world that will never be again. It is through their eyes that you will experience all the wonder and terror of this world. Their story will be your story.

The Mighty Men of Old
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The Main Characters

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