The Gifts in Action


A gift can be anything as broad as infiltration or as specific as lock picking. There are no specific rules for how a gift can or cannot affect game play. The player is expected to select 1 or 2 words that describe the Heros talent and then look for opportunities and creative ways the talent can be used.

The lead player will determine whether the player is using the Heros gift in a reasonable and believable way. He or she may alter a rescue check or a task mark to reflect the Heros superior skills. They may eliminate a check altogether and allow the hero an automatic success. They may require the player to describe or dialogue his way through a particular challenge and prove his Heros skills. They may allow the hero access to places and peoples or attempt something that would simply be impossible for the other characters in the story.

However the gifts manifest themselves, they should distinguish the hero in some way giving him abilities or superiority in a particular way, whether general or specific, over other beings in the same circumstance who do not have the same gifts. As a general rule, The Lead Player should be more generous in the use of the hero’s gifts in the chosen wording of the gift is more specific. For instance, if a hero were attempting to unlock a locked door with a gift of infiltration, the LP might grant him a +1 to his task mark. But with the gift of lock picking, the same hero might get a +2 or even a +3.


The interpretation of each gift (and occupation for that matter) is entirely open during game play. The Lead Player has the final say on what they do and do not include based on the situation and the hero’s past experiences. Some of the giftings should be considered advanced or highly specific and have prerequisites for achieving them. After repeatedly demonstrating a particular skill in the course of their adventures, the character then adds a new gift as an attachment to their existing gift called a skill which will earn them additional bonuses when making attempts or taking risks which bring that skill to test during the game.

Players may spend 3 favor points at any point during or between playing sessions to specialize in a skill which is a more specific version of a gift they already have. For instance, a character has the gift or infiltration, but after stopping to visit every locksmith in every town he visits and successfully cracking the locks on several doors in game, his player spends favor which he has saved up to attain, officially, the skill of lock-picking. The LP approves and the player removes the favor points and adds the new skill under infiltration.

Some gifts can be considered advanced and require 2 or more requirements from the basic traits. These are shown on the gifts descriptions in parentheses to indicate that the traits shown must be at 3 or better to achieve the gift. For instance, a player spends the favor points required to lift her hero’s quick from 3 to 4 earning her a new gift. She selects martial arts because her hero’s strength is currently 3 and the LP allows it because the player has repeatedly described her hero’s attempts and background training and her time spent sparring throughout her adventures.

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The Gifts in Action

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