Observation Towers

Comm tower

The Asshurian Observation Towers (or comm tower as it was more commonly known) were part of an essential network of outposts that extended across every one of the free kingdoms of Newerth. The towers were crowned by a mechanical assembly called a crystallyte. The crystallyte was composed of a massive ultima crystal contained within a huge bdellium gyroscope. When the gyroscope was activated, it created a field around the crystal which collimated a beam of light that carried a signal transmitted through the crystal over great distances. Signals of varying content, often containing both sound and imagery were transmitted by light beams from tower to tower. The exact range of the tower depended on the nature of the terrain surrounding it, but light signals were always more clearly received at night. The beams that arced through the wild lands of the Lost World were visible and shimmered with a faintly bluish light, guiding adventurers and explorers to safety. The field produced by the crystallyte had a disorienting effect on all animal life and so the outpost towers were a solace for travelling merchants, dignitaries and citizens on official business.

Comm tower1

Signals that ran through the tower network were monitored and stewarded by trained and high-ranking members of the government called Observers. There were 2 Observers on hand at every operable comm tower at all times. Because of the sensitive nature of the artifice and information available in the towers, there were also no less that 2 enforcers living within the structure at all times along with a small arsenal of defensive weaponry and equipment. Lobreds were known to be commonly affected by the same field surrounding the towers that repelled animals and coordinated assaults were exceedingly rare as common knowledge suggested that every other corner of the connected world would be instantly aware of the towers plight.

Within the structure, chambers were maintained to accommodate visiting parties and common rooms allowed for corporate eating and fellowship. At the heart of the structure, directly beneath the base of the obelisk itself, a hollow shaft allowed a delivery beam to carry the signal running through the crystallyte overhead down through the tower and into a circular chamber called an observation room. Here, the light beam was received into another device called a receiver which was primarily composed of a specially cut crystal with a polished, dome-like upper surface. Through the crystal, the observer and anyone with the authority or permission to be within the observation room, could hear and, when a proper transmitter was available, see the transmission. Great skill was required to attune the the crystalline apparatus to a particular signal as many layers of cross traffic would be intercepted simultaneously. For this reason, great efforts were made to limit access to tower signals to those who were authorized. Signal interception was a common game played by the corrupt and the suspicious.

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Observation Towers

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