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Letter this is the only setting that can truly lay claim to the name ‘Lost’ World’. Most ‘lost worlds’ are not worlds, but only islands or sectors of the jungle, mountain or desert. Nor are they lost as, in the course of the story they are, in fact, found. The Lost World is our home, the planet Earth, once upon a time before a great cataclysm rent her surface and drowned her inhabitants under layers of mud, water and time.

It encompasses the whole Earth and is a time that will forever be lost to legend and myth, stowed away in the heart of man as he struggles to recall the shadowy past. But the people and events that transpired there were not so distant as fairy tales and fantasy epics. Real humans (our ancestors) wrestled against an encroaching evil from outside this world and brought with them through the cataclysm a record of what transpired.

From these memories and records arise all the common myths of man. They tell us a tale of mankind, struggling against ferocious and chimeric beasts which no longer walk the Earth and of powerful beings declaring themselves gods and enslaving men to their own self-destructive ideals. Of the wielding of forces which seem oddly advanced to us of the modern age. So much so, that the history books would have to be rewritten to accommodate many of the obvious evidences left behind by that world. The great question then becomes this: how much of our myth is fiction?

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The Way the World Was
(Storytelling in the 2nd Age)
The Main Characters
(Heroes, Villians and Bystanders)
Combat Mechanics
(Who Lives and Who Dies)
Non Combat Mechanics
(Who Succeeds and Who Fails)
Game World Environments
(Making an Invisible World Real)
Taking the Lead
(How to Run the Show)
What Is Creation Science
(Overview of an Emergent Field)
Glossary of Terms
(What Does This Stuff Mean?)
(Charts, References and Blank Sheets)

“For this they are willingly ignorant, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth stood under the water and on the water, whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.” – II Peter 3:5-6

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