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Taking the lead in a storytelling game is part science, part headache and part art form. The Lead Player starts and finishes every play session by setting the scene and then choosing a cliffhanger to close on. The LP must be the tour guide, the narrator, the zookeeper, the enemy, the native and, in some cases, even the voice of God Himself. It is definitely the most challenging role to play in the game, but also, for some, the most fun.

The LP must devote a proportionately large amount of time to the game world compared to the other players. He must be prepared, imaginative and think on his toes. He should be witty and quick with a good command of the language. When the LP gets into a bind or finds a situation for which there are no rules, everything under heaven has a certain percentage change of occurring or not occurring. Use this chart:

The Universal Chance System (Cast Your Lot)

Type of occurrence Percentage Must Get
If its Common 85% 2-6
If its Regular 70% 3-6
If its Uncommon 50% 4-6
If its Seldom 30% 5-6
If its Rare 15% 6

The LP must be present at the creation of all the story’s heroes and offer inspiration, put a leash on crazy, original ideas, and give the players needed insight into the game world. He must have a firm understanding of the lands, peoples, languages, cultures, creatures and details of the Lost World and be able to describe all that the heroes will see, hear and experience. He must have a firm understanding of the game rules as well.

Everything the LP does is right. It may not be fair or expected, but his decisions stick and the story moves on. At all times he should keep in mind that a heroic story starring the players heroes is the goal of the game and not always what’s logical or in tune with his plans. A good LP will come to be loved and valued by the players in the group and can be very rewarding. At times it may also be possible, depending on the group, to rotate LP’s giving everyone a chance to play a hero in the game.

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How to Run the Show

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