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3rd Person- A literary style where the teller describes events as though others, who are involved in he story, experienced them from a detached point of veiw.

Ambush- A battle tactic where one side lies in wait for another with intent to surprise and catch the opponent off-guard. In mechanics an ambush is treated like a challenge with a difficulty mark and not as a combat with combatants casting lots at one another.

Antidiluvian- Referring to the world before a great, water-based cataclysm that altered life and geology so much as to render the face of the world, and its inhabitants, unrecognizeable forever altering cultures and historical perceptions.

Atlantis- The capitol city of the republic of Asshur. Named after the sea which it overlooks, the city’s name survived the flood and tales of its layout and destruction are remembered with unusual detail. The city was a center of art and justice in the Lost World and consisted of 7 consecutive rings, or levels, representing the 7 heavens. The highest of them, at the city center, sheltered a massive tower where the Asshurian Council of Magistrates met to govern the land.

Battle- a turned based mode of play where terrain is represented by some means which is divided by measurements or grids and characters involved by miniature tokens. A battle is only so declared when both combatants, or groups of combatants, for at least another turn continue to have the power and desire to confront one another.

Basic Trait- One of four characteristics possessed of a character which describe his or her personal assets. Namely, how strong, smart, quick, and wise the person is.

Battle Mode- Referring to the style of play that handles combat (see Battle).

Beam- A type of weapon which emits a form of energy in a straight line and can be aimed at a single target; also referring to any projection of energy (spiritual, natural or psionic) which fits this description.

Bdellium- A common mineral, found abundantly in the land of Havilah, which collects and conducts power found in the air called aether. The mineral, when pounded into a thin, tensile metal, is the main component of the bdellium dynamo, an essential component of many Lost World technologies. Bdellium is known today as the conductive metal copper.

Bog Iron- (Rust) The transformed state of iron when left exposed to the oxygen and moisture-rich air of the Lost World. The metal turns a rust red and becomes porous, eventually decomposing altogether. Bog iron has many uses in medicines and various technologies.

Character- Any being of the Lost World which can communicate and demonstrate sentience and has a recurrent place in the story. Even a lobred, although monstrous, can become a character if the LP or players find a way to include it recurrently into the story. Many normal humans are not considered characters if they simply fill in the background and are not regularly interacted with.

Check- Any of 3 types of lots (known as rescue checks) which are cast to determine the fortitude, reflexes or powers of observation on the part of a hero against a potentially harmful or potentially misperceived element in the game. Checks are the only cast lot in the game where the player attempts to roll a number below the set determined number. see Non-Combat Mechanics.

Combat Zone- (See Combat Mechanics) During combat, the imaginary circular area surrounding all combatants and including the circular reaches (see reach) of the outermost characters involved in the battle.

Discernment- One of the spiritual gifts (See [The Power of Wisdom]); also referring to a characters raw ability to perceive truth, detect evil, judge well and see the future.

Dragon- Any of a whole family of animal types, reptilian in nature, which ranged in size from small to gargantuan and encompass both hunters and herbivores. Dragons were typically unintelligent and filled land, sea and air in the pre-flood time. Some had protective armor plating, some expelled fire, poison or caustic gas and some were so large that they were either employed or hunted heavily by man. A common use of medium-sized dragons was the mounted cavalry types known as dragoons.

Dragoon- Referring to a trained cavalry enforcer mounted on the back of a medium-sized dragon. The dragon type preferred for this use was a family of dragons which varied in head configuration and ranged from 3 to 6 man lengths from nose to tail. They typically lumbered on 4 legs, but could comfortable stand on their more powerful hind legs and even walk for a limited time at greater height.

Eden- The forbidden land. A place of unmatched beauty, according to the Father Haddam, which has never been seen by any but he and the Mother. “The Garden”, as it is called, contains two places of great supernatural power, centered around 2 living trees. It was closed by God and guarded by an overwhelmingly powerful angelic being, though it lies nearly in the center of the Lost World.

Enemy- A generic term used to describe ‘those who would fight against us’. More specifically, a proper name referring to the ‘nameless one’, the archangel who first began the great rebellion and led the angels who were seduced by his ideology to be cast from heaven alongside him.

Esper- A forest realm in the land of Asshur. Esper is the name of the city found high in the boughs of the massive towerwood trees found there. The representative city council monitors and governs the greater towerwood expanse to the west of the capitol city of Atlantis. Much of the architecture of Esper is carved from the massive trunks of the trees themselves and interconnected by suspended bridges and causeways, many wide enough to allow passing traffic and vehicles in both directions.

Favor- A reflection of the Will of God directed toward the purpose and desires of the individual character. Favor points (see [Using Divine Favor]) are dispensed by the LP as a reward for character behavior and then spent by the players on all manner of game enhancements.

Firmament- An old english term for the atmosphere, the air or the sky.

Flinch Check- (See [Non-Combat Mechanics]) A die cast which determines the rapid reaction of a character to accomplish or avoid an action that the LP determines requires high reflexes.

Force Check- (See [Non-Combat Mechanics]) A die cast which determines the fortitude of a character to withstand a sudden blow or accomplish a task which requires great strength.

Gifts- Referring to any abilities (spiritual, practical or combative) possessed by a character which distinguish his or her capabilities from other characters.

GP- An abbreviation for Gold Pieces, the basic currency of the Lost World, which take the form of small chips of gold alloy, minted by the various kingdoms and accepted across boundaries as the acceptable medium of trade.

Guts- One of the secondary character traits which describes the health and fortitude of the character.

Haddam- The Great Father of all mankind. Haddam Father walked with God for untold centuries before time began in a perfect garden which was barred supernaturally from reentry. He survived as an progenitor, adviser and chieftain for 930 years into the 2nd age.

Hands- Referring to the left and right handed item or weapon possessed by a character. Accept in the case of an ambidextrous gift, the left handed weapon will cast at a -1 in combat.

Har Jesetta- A ancient city in the land of Asshur built from stone and iron which lies on the northern border of the iron mountains. Har Jesetta fell into darkness toward the closing of the 2nd age due to becoming a hiding ground for villainy, but also contained many of the hardened battle training compounds for local Enforcers and wise men alike.

Healing- The restoration of wounds suffered by a character during game play through the use of spiritual gifts or a combination of rest, medicine and time.

Hero- A players character or other hibred or human character in the game world that fights for God and for mankind against invading forces of evil.

Hibred- A powerful, functional and often aberrant crossbreed of the Watchers or the Nephalim with a terrestrial creature, usually a human being. (See [Heros, Villains and Bystanders]) Often, the hibreds took the form of mighty men or women with animal features like feathers, claws, fur, scales or whole, intact animal heads with human brains and awareness within. As a rare occasion, some hibreds were born giant in proportion, but normal in every other respect.

Initiative- The ‘first strike’ ability of one combatant or group at the onset of combat. Initiative is determined by the LP based on the situation and comparative aggressiveness of all the sides involved.

Knowledge- Information committed to memory. Knowledge does not necessarily assume understanding or naturally give way to wisdom and is distinguished from both.

Lead Player- The conductor of the game and narrator of the story. The ‘LP’ speaks for all the characters in the game except for the heroes represented by the players and pits the heroes’ enemies against them. The LP encourages the players to tell their share of the story, rewards them for acts of heroics and has the final word on any opinionated conflicts in the game.

Left Hand- The weaker of the two hands that an item or weapon may be wielded in. An attack performed by a left-handed weapon will strike at -1. An action dependent on a left-handed item will cast at -1.

LP- An abbreviation for ‘Lead Player’.

Lot- A roll of the die. In ancient terms, a lot was the twist of fate determined by forces beyond the control of the person. The ‘casting of lots’ was any of a variety of randomized techniques used to bring about an unexpected result for the purpose of making unbiased decisions. Often, divine intervention was presumed in the outcome.

Lobred- Any of limitless varieties of loathsome creatures created as a failure of genetic manipulation on the part of unwise and inexperienced Watchers. The constant sexual interaction with the denizens of the Earth, produced wild and monstrous living things which, at best, resembled their parents and, at worst, failed to survive long past birth. See [The Villains].

Map Unit- A measurement of length, determined by the scale of the map, which can be used to determine the distance between two points on the map.

Mind Check- (See [Non-Combat Mechanics]) A die cast which determines the focus of a character when being overpowered by a spiritual or psionic attack.

Miracles- Any of a variety of supernatural occurances which happen inexplicably and have dramatic effects on the outcome of a situation. Miracles may occur as a direct result of the actions of a wise man, they may occur spontaneously by the Will of God or by His angels, or they may even take the form of supernatural intervention by dark forces. It is the realm of the wise to discern the difference.

Modifier- A number added to or taken away from any lot that is cast for any reason throughout the game. Typically a number added to a challenge will reflect a greater difficulty and a number added to an attack or attempt will reflect an unusual advantage.

Newerth- The name of the planet before the flood. The proper name of the Lost World.

Occupation- An everyday chore performed by the character prior to the onset of an adventure for the purpose of earning a living. A job. Typically, the characters occupation will be preceded by a time of training or apprenticeship and lends to the character some game advantage over other characters, not the least of which is the capacity to earn money in game.

Pangaea- The scientific name for the unified continent presumed to exist at a time before recorded history. The formation of the single landmass on one side of the planet has eluded plausible explanation, however the Bible says in Genesis 1:9 “And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so”. In the Lost World the Great Sea is a mass of water surrounding the known kingdoms of man and used for fishing and navigation. It is called Atlantica to the east and Pacifica to the west.

PL- An abbreviation for player.

Player- One of the people involved in the game which speaks and narrated for one of the heroes involved in the story. The lead player is not considered a player.

Prophecy- One of the spiritual gifts. The ability to speak as an oracle of the Lord in any one of many capacities. A false prophecy requires discernment to identify, but can seem true or wise and originates from the Enemy or one of his Watchers.

Quick- One of the basic character traits which indicates speed, coordination and dexterity and provides the basis for the survival trait of wits.

Range- The maximum reach of a character during battle. Usually categorized by one of 3 zones. Any normal melee attack has a reach of 1. An extended weapon like a polearm, staff or whip has a reach of 2. And a character with a ranged attack of any kind may have up to unlimited reach.

RC- An abbreviation for rescue check.

Reach- The distance a character can effectively attack an enemy during a battle.

Record Scroll- A paper form which describes a character in the game in every detail necessary to narrate the character accurately and to determine the probability of any action the character takes during the course of an adventure to succeed or fail.

Rescue Check- A lot cast to determine a reaction to some form of trauma during the game. A mind check, a flinch check or a force check can be called upon by the LP when a characters resolve, reflexes or strength are tested by sudden challenge or difficulty.

Right Hand- Referring to the primary weapon wielded by a character which takes no penalty for use in battle.

RS- An abbreviation for record scroll.

Sela- A seaside city of southern Asshur whose desert inhabitants live a life of devotion and meditation. Sela is a major port of trade and serves as a hub of interchange between Asshur and the kingdom of Cush to the east and lands of Nod to the south.

Shoot- Referring to a form of attack where an secondary object of some type is launched by a primary device with enough force to knock down or penetrate the target.

Smart- One of the four basic traits of a character describing the sum his or her knowledge and the perception to know when and how to use it.

Specialization- The option of any hero to narrow the focus and application of a given skill set so as to gain a whole new skill which is specific, but which grants the hero a greater bonus when attempting anything within its scope.

Stab- A form of attack where a melee weapon is used with the intention of penetrating the target. Also the primary type of attack intended for such a weapon.

Story Mode- As opposed to battle mode, the normal ‘mode’ the game is played in whereby narration and dialogue is spoken and items and statistics are tracked on paper without the use of miniatures or maps.

Strong- One of the four basic character traits describing how physically powerful the character is.

Surprise Attack- A tactic used in combat which employs some form of ambush and is handled outside of combat mode. Only rescue checks are performed by the defenders. If they choose to engage and the aggressors choose to continue with the combat, then game play switches to battle mode.

Survival Trait- One of the 2 secondary character traits (guts and wits) that are derived from 2 of the basic traits.

Task Mark- A number, ascribed by the LP, which must be cast equal to or higher than in order to achieve success in whatever the challenge is that is attempting to be overcome.








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