Darius Son of Colvarin

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Darius is a young man of only 17 years and the son of an artificer named Colvarin. He was born a lobred in the sylvan town of Esper in the free lands of Asshur, his father having been seduced by a watcher in female form. Colevarin is one of the great, inventive craftsmen of the east. His machinery and theories are behind many of the latest innovations in farming, communications and war.

When Darius was born, his mother revealed herself to be a fallen angel and vanished. His fathers’ heart was crushed and Darius himself came into the world with a horrible deformity in his left arm. His father seeking to save Darius’ life, removed the arm surgically while he was still young and crafted an ingenious mechanical limb to replace it with.

Darius is calm, patient and inventive. He has spent most of his life tinkering in his fathers shop and being raised up around metal forges, power crystals, pistons, wheels and gears. He is generally accepted by the people of Esper, mostly because of his father, but is largely unaware of the affect his metal arm will have on people outside his isolated forest town.

The mechanical limb attached to his left arm is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted technology requiring constant supply and maintenance. Every day it requires lubrication at three separate points. About once a week, the power cell must be removed and refilled with any of three commonly available dry components: sulphur, carbon or bog iron. In addition, about once every new season, a new focusing crystal must be custom-cut and installed.


Darius Son of Colvarin

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