Alura- Guardian of Esper



Alura hails originally from the forest realm of Esper, where she grew among her kin in the dizzying heights of the towerwood trees and developed a love for nature and things that grow. The daughter of a herdsman, Alura showed from her youth a gift for mastery over beasts of all kinds, but none so much as the untameable dragon. She is considered a prodigy among peers due to the rare nature of her talent, as dragons are usually the most difficult of all animal types to subdue. Also, following in the footsteps of her deceased mother, Alura has begun to develop a natural gift for healing, coupling her spiritual gift to heal miraculously with her understanding of medicinal plants and techniques. This combination of abilities makes Alura of Esper, despite her relative frailty, an invaluable member of a questing team.

Alura guardian of esper1


Alura- Guardian of Esper

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